Sunday, September 28, 2014

The weeds

Hello! And please excuse the long silence! The last few weeks I have disappeared down a rabbit hole of end-of-winter family illness, solo parenting, multiple appointments with health providers, academic ceremonials, and a mammoth amount of prep for my organization's annual meeting. This generally also involves an overseas trip to an exotic location, and this year is no different - I am writing this from a hotel room in Hyderabad, India, as I prepare to pack up and head back to Canberra after a truly frenetic week. So, no recipes to share at the moment, although a week and more of eating Indian food has broadened my perspective and fired my imagination on what the idea of curry can actually encompass. More on this later, when I once again have access to a kitchen. In the meantime, I will leave you to ponder the following: if you were looking for pasta in an Indian supermarket, to which section would you go?

(You'll have to wait for the answer until I can get the photo which provides the answer off my phone!)

And now to finish packing my overstuffed suitcase...more to come from the other side of the Pacific.

ETA (well, that took longer than I intended...hopefully you can see from my crummy iPhone 3 photo that yes, the pasta resides in the "International Food" section in this Indian supermarket. Meanwhile, the Tim Tams and Oreos are right in with the regular foods):

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