Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Monday

Contemplating the beauty of nature while practicing deep breathing
NaBloPoMo, Day 24.

Today has definitely been a Monday - schedule for the week getting chopped and changed, leaving me scrambling; Miss B home sick with a cold that I have a horrible suspicion she has generously passed along to me; crucial emails getting bounced, frozen, or otherwise mishandled; we even had muggy weather most of the day (my least favorite kind, and almost unheard of in Canberra). However! On the up side, I have managed to: complete major shopping trips to the supermarket and Costco (and consequently have enough beverages stacked up in the guest annex to float a small ship); complete my work priorities for the day; witness Miss B making significant progress on acquiring a major life skill, even with a cold (more on that later); and get at least three more Thanksgiving prep tasks underway, which I will complete after I post this and before I go to bed. So, a good day after all, I think. Hope the same is true for you.


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