Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bluebarb jam

NaBloPoMo, Day 19.

So here's that jam I promised you the other day; I'm pretty sure the flavor combination isn't original, but it popped into my head when I came across a stand selling blueberries at the farmers' market the other day. I grabbed a bunch of rhubarb as well, and prepped it all on Saturday afternoon. I got about a kilo of fruit, roughly 50/50, added in half the weight of sugar, zested and squeezed in a lime, stirred, and left it to macerate over Saturday night. I cooked and canned it following the usual procedure on Sunday morning, getting 7 jars of jam out of it -  4 of the 4 oz/120 g size and 3 of the 8 oz/240 g size.

(The upside-down one in the picture is the only one I didn't hot-water bath can, as it wasn't quite as full as the others; I decided to try an old-fashioned method, and turned it upside-down to see if it would seal just from the heat of the jam - it did. Not only that, but the jam is now stuck that way, with the gap at the bottom, even when right-side-up. Not bad for a jam with  no added pectin!)

So the holiday prep continues apace. Which reminds me that Thanksgiving is looming on the horizon - more on that tomorrow....


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