Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Challenge wrap-up

Happy New Year! And for my first post, I’m going to wrap up some business from last year—Roving Lemon’s Cookbook Challenge.

Following Challenge rules, I randomly chose Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food (350 Recipes Ready-To-Eat in 30 Minutes). I managed to post about one recipe; I also made two others, both involving chicken (Chicken Marsala and Mozzarella Chicken with Pesto Gravy). Neither one knocked my socks off, so I won’t post the details. If you’re really dying to know, tell me. I didn’t quite make it to five recipes (the full Challenge), as holiday madness overtook me.

My verdict on this cookbook: lots of interesting flavor combinations, but most of them I’d end up eating on my own. I’m moderately experimental, DP is a lot less so, and Miss B is four. (I hear there are four-year-old omnivores out there, but I have yet to meet one.)

My lovely friends over at StephenChristinelicious also took up the Challenge, and posted on their blog about the books and new recipes they chose. Any other reports? Now’s your chance! And if you wanted to participate, but couldn’t, watch this space; I’m already contemplating the next round.

Which just leaves one final question for my fellow cookbook junkies to weigh in on: now that I’ve thoroughly evaluated this cookbook, should I extract my keeper recipes and (gasp!) give it away?


Zoe said... Best Blogger Tips

Give it away!!! Noooo!

Then again, if you don't love it, lugging back home eventually will be a drag. But I'd sell it on ebay, and end up getting $2.31 for it.

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

Zoe - I know! Just the thought of giving it away makes me hyperventilate. What if The Ultimate Recipe is in there and I missed it somehow?

This is how I ended up with so many @!$# cookbooks in the first place. I really should take your eBay advice.

Cheryl A said... Best Blogger Tips

I vote keep it... then again I have what Hubby sonsiders is a ridiculous amount of cookbooks (less than 100 is not ridiculous). I continually go through them, inspirations always change. Of course, I'm not moving anywhere anytime soon.

Zippy365 said... Best Blogger Tips

Give it away and make someone's day.

Or trade it at craigslist. Canberra does have craigslist, right?

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

Cheryl - My real dilemma is that my 'cooking' bookcase here is now officially full, so I can't justify buying any more cookbooks unless I make some room!

Zippy - Hmmm, craigslist. Interesting.

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