Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween shenanigans

Halloween 2014 is in the bag for pretty much everyone at this point; we're already well into the first of November here. We had a fun celebration; Miss B and I MacGyvered her costume and props over a couple of days (see if you can guess who she was from the primary prop pictured at the bottom of this post), and early Friday evening a small pack of fathers and children set off from our house to roam the neighborhood in search of loot. They came back a couple of hours later, hot and thirsty (Canberra temperatures hit the high 20s/80s yesterday) for large glasses of ice water, beer, or sangria (depending) and dinner on the patio, topped off with Halloween whoopie pies (regular chocolate whoopie pie cakes, sandwiched with fluffy buttercream colored festively orange).

Hope everyone else who celebrates had fun too! I'll be back tomorrow with more shenanigans to report,'s November and you know what that means!

Where's my whoopie pie?


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