Friday, November 14, 2014


Happy Friday! Time for another installment of Five Things That Make Me Happy and One Thing That's Pissing Me Off:

1. I had to stay up super late last night to finish a major assignment - but now it's done and ready to go out the door and off my mind in time for the weekend.
2. The weather in Canberra is suddenly summer-warm and it's lovely to have the windows open and be able to eat meals outside.
3. I love going away, but I also love not going away - really looking forward to a weekend at home.
4. Miss B is tackling learning a new skill that she's been working up to for ages - and she's making amazing progress at it. It's fantastic to watch.
5. I've been digging into my bookmarked recipes for spring and summer cooking inspiration; I made this herbed feta dip for a starter recently, subbing cilantro/coriander and basil in for the herbs specified in the recipe. A hit!


6. I can't believe, in the throes of my deadline fog last night, that I forgot to post! NaBloPoMo fail #2!


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