Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday recap

Today the high temperature in Canberra was 77F/25C, and we had invited friends for lunch. So we re-christened our Midwestern patio furniture, now unpacked and adorning our Canberra backyard, with our first Sunday lunch al fresco in our new house. We started off in the kitchen with drinks, minty pea dip and pita chips while I finished prep, then moved outside for braised pork loin, pasta and green salads, homemade bread, and a nice bottle of NZ pinot gris. Later, after a suitable interval for digestion and chat, there was pavlova. It was very lovely and relaxing (aside from the inevitable momentary, surreal internal realization that it’s November 4 and I'm sitting outside in short sleeves – I wonder how long it takes before that stops happening?) and felt like a nice return to normal life after an awful lot of upheaval since we last lounged on those chairs.

Recipes to follow later; right now I’m going to go enjoy what’s left of my Sunday. Hope yours is equally delightful.


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