Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting crafty

When we moved to Canberra the first time, in 2008, we bought a table and chairs. Not heirloom quality or anything, but functional. Four years, two moves, and about 4,000 meals later, most of the chairs were looking like this when I set up the new kitchen.

A bit worn and stained, and in most cases, with the seat cushions coming loose from the seat frame. I decided it was time to spruce them up a bit, and did some research on the internet to find a solution in line with my level of handiness and desired financial expenditure. Then I went and found some fabric that I liked, brought it home, measured it against the chair seats, cut it into squares, folded it around the detached chair seats, stapled it in place with a heavy-duty stapler, and re-attached the seats. And voila!

Presentable chairs! Suitable for guests! And who would’ve guessed that having all my seat cushions falling off would have made it all that much simpler!

I’m beginning to see why people get into this whole DIY thing.


Shari said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! So pretty and blue!

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