Saturday, November 24, 2012

Breakfast chats

THE SCENE: Saturday morning. RL shambles around the kitchen, still half-asleep, emptying the dishwasher and starting to get breakfast ready. Miss B sits on the floor, reading a book. DP sits in the next room, checking email.

Miss B: Mum, what's a humming pigeon?

RL (dazed and confused): Um, I don't know. It must be a pigeon that hums?

Miss B: But how does it hum?

RL (totally baffled by trying to envision a humming pigeon): I...don't...know....

DP (from the next room): Um, hello? I think she means homing pigeon.

Miss B and RL, simultaneously: Ohhhhhh!

RL spends the next 2-3 minutes in a fit of uncontrollable giggling.

Hope your Saturday is filled with similarly excellent communication.



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