Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween candy

I thought I had bought amount the same amount of candy as last year, and DP thought we had about the same number of trick-or-treaters as last year, or maybe even a few more. But there must have been a serious miscalculation somewhere, because as you can see, we’ve got a lot of leftover candy. Last year I came across Dinner with Julie’s idea for Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies, and excitedly parceled out small bags of various fun-size whatevers, inspired by the thought of recycling them into delicious treats.

They’re all still sitting on the bottom shelf in my pantry.

This year I’m not going to kid myself. I’m just boxing up all the leftover candy and sending it off to some people who will really appreciate it—servicepeople on active duty overseas, most likely in Afghanistan. Either I’ll get an address for a specific person from DP or, failing that, I’ll send it off to a place like Operation Shoebox, which accepts all such donations and makes sure they get to people who will appreciate them. If you can’t face the thought of even one more mini chocolate bar, perhaps this information might be useful to you as well?


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