Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday digest

A random catalog of events from our last full day in the Lone Star State:

- My soon-to-be-former job has necessitated working during my holiday; probably less than I should have, and yet more than I would have liked. Roll on December 16.

- Today, briefly, it was me on the grassy knoll.

- Any day that includes a margarita at lunch, gingerbread-house construction, and homemade apple pie is a good day in my book.

- Not to mention a complete absence of any Black Friday-type activities. I didn't even manage to buy any souvenirs.

- I did, however, finally watch 127 Hours--at least 30 minutes of it through my fingers. Very intense, and yet seemed to last, if not actually 127 hours, then definitely more than two. And, of course, James Franco.

So that's the Friday holiday excitement around here. Hope yours has been equally enthralling.


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