Friday, December 28, 2012

Calling birds

Well, nobody has sent us any live fowl yet, but thanks to the vagaries of Australia Post delivery, we're enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas to the full with random present deliveries. Here's some of today's haul:

Note The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook in the top photo - I am a happy, happy cook today.

Speaking of cooking, reveling in the 12 Days of Christmas also includes some festive socializing, now that everyone's done with gift and prep stress and most people have some time off from work and can enjoy the season, rather than feeling like they're checking off another obligation on their seasonal To Do list. We had friends over for dinner last night; I made a big batch of turkey risotto, a kale salad, and some rolls. Since I had also decreed, late last week, that some of the Eight Days of Christmas Baking could come after Christmas (a revolutionary concept that not only preserved my sanity, but also made the baking a lot more fun), Miss B and I carried out our plan of festive cupcakes:

I also made a batch of coconut clusters, in case there was anyone attending who wasn't interested in cupcakes (even though this has never happened yet).

How go your holiday shenanigans? 


beck said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a great Christmas :) We also spent most of December with the postie dropping off a succession of parcels each morning - many from the book depository - and I also got the wonderful Smitten Kitchen cookbook (as well as The Wednesday Chef and Dinner: a Love Story) - next step is to mark the (many) recipes I want to make...
I notice you also got a kids book on mythology - my son loves Greek mythology too and (via DALS in fact) I found a fantastic series of graphic novels on the Greek gods that you can get here -

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