Wednesday, June 4, 2014

No brainers


Well, I tried to write a blog post about the latest developments at work, but it didn’t really come off. (Anything that makes DP flinch visibly is destined to oblivion in the ‘Drafts’ folder, I’m afraid.) So I’ll just say that the situation remains in flux, and that I’m taking it one day, task, project at a time. Working on maintaining my zen. You know.

It does use up a lot of a mental energy though, which has been sapping my cooking mojo of late. I haven’t mustered the energy to cook anything new for a good couple of weeks, and when I do my weekly meal plan (Saturday mornings, before heading into the farmers’ market), I have found myself relying almost exclusively on fallback recipes – the ones I barely have to think about, let alone look up recipes for. With two experimentation-wary eaters to feed, and 5-7 evening hours a week spent on work calls, I can’t spare the brain space.

Which got me thinking: I bet everyone has at least a few no-brainer recipes – the ones that you can essentially make in your sleep. What are yours? I’d love to know, if you’d be kind enough to share in the comments.

These are mine. It's a rare month when I don't cook most of these at least once anyway, and they've been in heavy rotation of late, both for ease and for comfort:

Pork: Italian bangers and mash (ie Italian sausages + Italian baked potatoes with oil)
Dessert: Blondies (aka Fudgey choc chip slice) | Browned butter chocolate chip cookies | Frosted cake/cupcakes (chocolate | vanilla) | Oat-fruit bars
Snacks: Popcorn | Salsa


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