Sunday, May 25, 2014

Silver linings

Work continues to be...interesting. (Indescribable? Incomprehensible? Inconceivable? Nah, best stick with interesting.)

Most of the rest of the English-speaking world has a three-day weekend, but we do not.

And I just found out that the final season of Mad Men is being split into two parts. And that they're not showing the second half until next year.

But  hey! At least there's cake!

Raspberry browned butter bliss
This is yet another version of the versatile and delicious Browned butter bliss, this time with raspberries that I had to remove from the freezer when I ran out of room in there. I macerated them with about 1/3 their weight in sugar, then drained them before scooping them into a baking dish and topping with the batter. I boiled down the juice I had drained off into a thick syrup, sweetened just a little bit more at the end with a splash of maple syrup, and poured it over the top of the finished dessert, along with some thick, cold pouring cream.

Perfect for salving the Sunday Night Blues if you, like me, have a regular day to tackle on Monday morning.


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