Monday, June 23, 2014

75 words*

Back in the old days of the internet (you know, 2007), I used to post on LiveJournal occasionally – mostly to keep up with goings-on of two of my sisters who were active there. Not long after, my whole family signed on to Facebook, and as a result I have barely logged on to LJ since. However, I still fondly remember one of the things we used to do regularly, which was to sum up our weekends' activities in 50 words or less (or 75 words or less if a lot had happened). So much so that I’m going to revive it here (note that this explanation doesn’t get included in the word count!).

My weekend, in 75 words or less**
Solo parenting. Friday movie night: tomato-rice soup in front of Frozen on DVD. Saturday: farmer’s market; lazy afternoon; popcorn; skype calls with Virtual Book Club (four work friends in four countries) and DP; raspberry puff pie in front of My Big Fat Greek Wedding on TV. Sunday: rainbow pancakes; Miss B’s afternoon out with family friends; dinner at ours: marinated goat cheese, minestrone, stuffed focaccia, triple chocolate brownies (more on these last 2 later!).

* Two posts in two days! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
** I had to go for 75 words in the end, despite starting this post thinking nothing much had happened!


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