Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend

Canberra is kind of a ghost town at the moment - Easter is a four-day weekend in Australia, and nearly everyone has taken the opportunity to get out of town. However, since my idea of a good time on Easter weekend is cooking up a storm of traditional family goodies, here's what we've been doing:

Friday: making tarrale - with Miss B really getting into it for the first time this year...

...always nice to have an extra pair of hands for this annual undertaking!

Saturday: time to make the pizza chiena - and here they are, just out of the oven... some homemade goodies for the baskets, in accordance with DP's family traditions.
Sunday: the Easter Bunny hits a home run with delivery of a Rainbow Loom friendship bracelet maker - the toy of the moment in Year 4; 8 bracelets completed before breakfast...

...and, of course, Easter brunch for 11, featuring most of the above and a few other things besides. Bonus: after a frosty start this morning, it was warm enough to eat on the patio!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend as well, and a very Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


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