Sunday, October 20, 2013

Canberra re-entry

Since my fridge is rarely ever this a) neat or b) empty (yes, that is empty by my standards), I thought I would take a picture for posterity before I get back to cramming it full of farmers' market booty and leftovers.

All of which is confirmation of the fact that I am back in Canberra, having managed one measly post during the entire five weeks I was away. After the brief breathing space during which I wrote my last post, my trip schedule kicked back into high gear, with stops in Montreal, Boston (two weeks, including side trips to western Mass. and Providence), Leavenworth (KS), and Dallas, and visits with multiple family and/or friends in all but the last of those places (where visiting with only one set of friends seemed unimaginably luxurious timewise). Last night I cooked a basic family dinner for the first time since mid-September, and then we were all in bed by 8:30 pm. (Miss B slept 13 hours - if only all jet lag could be like that!)

I'm nearly finished unpacking, and am working on uploading and sorting photos for posting. More to come shortly!


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