Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday digest

Long time no update! I think we need a quick round-up of recent events to bring things up to date here.

Work/school DP is working a lot of 12-hour days, but at least hasn't had to do any traveling lately. Miss B has just finished Term 1, so the next two weeks are holiday for her, juggling for me. I'm pretty well over trip lag and back into my regular work routine, and we're all already deep into discussions and preparations for our next in-person meeting - in September, which seems alarmingly close when I look at my To Do list.

Recreation We finally got a car! Which I think I forgot to mention - it happened just before I went on my overseas trip. We've never had a car in Canberra before, just rentals, so we're still adjusting and figuring out places to go in it. I'm looking forward to having it for a few school-holiday jaunts during the next two weeks. In other news, Miss B has joined the Chess Club at school and has really gotten into playing; we even had a game over breakfast a few days ago.

Food Between Easter brunch and dinner guests a few days later (I made the short ribs again), I feel as though all I've been doing for the last two weeks is trying to figure out how to use up leftovers creatively. I did clean out all the leftover vegetables in one go with a yummy Friday-night vegetable soup made using my soup spec; and I made DP the biggest batch of egg salad ever. And today (having finally finished all the tarrale earlier this week), I made a batch of browned butter chocolate-chip cookies.

Weather Autumn in Canberra is well underway; the trees are changing color, and nighttime temperatures are down in the 40sF (single digits C). We turned the clocks back last weekend, so no more dinners outside. But daytime temperatures are still t-shirt-and-sandal-worthy.

That's about all the news from here; what's happening in your neck of the woods?


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