Saturday, March 23, 2013

In transit

Good morning from the domestic terminal of Kingsford-Smith Airport in Sydney! I'm on my way home from Oxford to Canberra, and have been traveling for (I think) 28+ hours. I've got one more very short flight to go. I had hoped to have a photo to accompany this post, of the amazing breakfast I just had (sourdough toast topped with goat's cheese, tomato, and avocado), but my camera didn't actually record the one photo I took before digging in. So you'll just have to imagine its looks, as well as its taste.

It will probably be my last restaurant meal for a few days - I'm definitely ready to eat some home-cooked food. Other than one meal that C. and I cooked at our friend J.'s house last Monday night for a group of six, it's been restaurant or conference food all the way. Luckily, being in Oxford meant that I got to revisit several of my favorite restaurants and pubs, as well as discover some new ones.

We didn't just go to Oxford to eat and drink (although we managed to do plenty of both), but to attend work meetings and spend face-to-face time with colleagues we mostly work with via email or teleconference. It was a jam-packed, full-on seven days - one of my colleagues once described our .org's meetings as 'getting plugged into the Matrix.' That encapsulates it perfectly for me, who spends most of my working life alone. Energizing, mind-blowing, all-encompassing....On Friday night, I boarded the plane to Singapore, fell asleep while we were still sitting at the gate, and slept for almost the entire 13-hour flight. That pretty much sums up the effect the week had on me.

And now it's back to the daily round in Canberra. I wonder what DP and Miss B will request for dinner? And what the state of the larder is likely to be?


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