Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday digest

And to think I toyed with the idea of making May a #NaBloPoMo month! Ha! I kill me!

I do have an actual recipe to share shortly, but since I haven't managed to post anything substantive in about two weeks, I thought a brief update was in order first:

Move organization the movers have been booked and, mercifully, are required to do all the packing for international moves. So I am focusing on trying to organize things, weed out anything that probably shouldn't be shipped 10,000 miles, and separate out things that we are likely to need while we are in transit and when we first arrive, so I can hide them from the movers but we can still use them. I currently have six different To Do lists from which I pull items for a manageable daily list, because otherwise I would need to spend too much of my time breathing into a brown bag.

Living arrangements our house here is on the market, but so far no one has shown the slightest interest in purchasing it. So it looks as though we might be trying to get some renters in. (If you know of anyone looking for a lovely 4BR house in the Kansas City Northland, do send them my way, won't you?) Meanwhile, we have secured a place to stay in Canberra, at least in the short term. It will give us a base to find something more permanent and, more important, is in the same neighborhood where we lived before and want to remain, so that we're in familiar territory and Miss B can go back to the same school that she attended in 2009.

Miss B lost her sixth tooth yesterday and finished school today. Now she gets a few weeks off before jumping back in, partway through the Australian school year, which runs from late January/early February to mid-December and thus is already underway. We continue to discuss mixed emotions on a near-daily basis, as she is simultaneously sad about leaving behind her school/friends/cats/house here, and excited about the prospect of being back in Canberra, and seeing the friends and family we'll be visiting on our roundabout way there.

DP work, work, work, work, farewell dinner, work, evening conference call with Australia, work, farewell lunch, work, work, work. In his spare time, he is coordinating the itinerary for our cross-country drive to Boston at the end of the month. Oh, and we hosted an end-of-year party for his seminar students last weekend--26 adults and children, including us. (The smash hit of the buffet table was the sausages, which I had rolled in olive oil and roasted in the oven. Something to remember the next time I contemplate cooking anything complicated.)

Food I have more or less stopped buying food, other than things like bread and milk, and am trying my best to either consume or give away everything edible that is still in my house. If you can think of any creative ways to use a bag of spelt flour, a jar of sesame tahini, four different kinds of cheese, and/or a canister of Cajun spice in the next 10 days, please share! Oh, and even though I stopped buying pasta about 2 months ago, I still haven't run out yet. I know, shocking, right?


Justine said... Best Blogger Tips

Make cheez-it crackers! I have a recipe that is going into the next "Rhythm of the Home," but it's easy enough to share here:

1 c. flour (spelt is my favorite!)
1 1/2 c. shredded Cheddar or Jack cheese
4 Tbs. cold butter, diced in small pieces
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. seasoning (Cajun spice!)
5 Tbs. cold water

Follow Attainable Sustainable's recipe the rest of the way.

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

@Justine Okay, you officially win the internet today for coming up with a recipe that uses 3 of the 4 random ingredients I mentioned! And what's more, I think I will actually do it tomorrow afternoon to bring to at least one of the many goodbye events upcoming in the next week.

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