Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Northern detour

After covering nearly 1100 miles in our first two marathon days of driving, we've taken it a bit easier the last two, covering a (comparatively) measly 400 miles. Yesterday we cruised along the back roads of northern New York state to spend Memorial Day with friends who've recently relocated to a scenic town on the shores of Lake Ontario; they treated us to a classic American cookout, since this will be our last holiday in the US for a while. Burgers and dogs on the grill, devilled eggs, and potato and bean salads; plus possibly the best homemade salsa I've ever had; the best cosmo, hands down; and Italian-coffee-bar-worthy coffee this morning to wake me up after last night's festivities. It was just what I needed after an overdose of mediocre road food.

Today we headed north again, crossing the border into Canada, and heading for DP's old stomping ground: Montreal, because he can't get within 200 miles of the place and not drop in. He did two of his degrees here, so it was his second home for a long time, and my regular weekend and vacation destination. We wandered around the old neighborhood, showed Miss B some of the landmarks of our student years, had some really good Chinese food for dinner, and even found my favorite Canadian sweet treat (cannelle classique svp!) for a surprise dessert. Definitely a worthwhile detour.


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