Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unexpected outcomes

The other day I finally decided to break out the mini doughnut pans I had bought last year with one of my holiday gift cards, but never used. We had friends coming over, I wanted to make treats and, reading the instructions, doughnuts seemed doable in the time I had available. I was planning to roll some of them in cinnamon sugar and some in powdered sugar. Although I know Miss B and her pals love glazed doughnuts, I didn’t think I would have the time for that extra step.

Miss B, upon her return from school, had other ideas of course, and quickly talked me into how wonderful it would be to glaze these doughnuts with chocolate and then cover them with colored sprinkles. So, loathe as I am to disappoint her, I figured I could whip up a quick chocolate ganache. I’d never made ganache before, but I knew the theory, so I heated up half a cup of cream in the microwave and then threw in chocolate chips and stirred; threw in more chocolate chips and stirred; threw in more…well, you get the picture.

This did in fact produce a thick, delicious ganache in a very short time. The only problem was that it made a lot of ganache—way more than we needed to glaze 24 mini doughnuts.

Well, this is not really a problem, as such. Especially after I discovered how good it is in the middle of a graham-cracker sandwich. Possibly even better than the doughnuts. And it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Basic Chocolate Ganache

Equal quantities heavy cream and chocolate of your choice, in bits

Heat cream until hot but not boiling. Gradually stir in chocolate until you have a thick, shiny spread. Will harden as it cools.

Use to glaze cakes, muffins, cookies, or doughnuts. Dispose of leftovers as you see fit.


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