Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apple festival

One of the nicest things about the weather finally cooling off around here is being able to enjoy getting outside and doing stuff. Everyone has spent the last 3-4 months taking full advantage of their central air conditioning, giving the impression that there had been a temporary mass evacuation from our new hometown. Every time I ventured out of doors to do anything other than scurry to my car, I got funny looks from people driving past with all the windows rolled up. But now everyone’s out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather and the numerous festivals that take place at this time of year to make the most of the respite between the brutal extremes of Midwestern summer and winter.

This weekend was our little town’s turn, with a fall festival celebrating a local crop emblematic of the season—apples. The normally sleepy streets were overrun with locals and tourists; parking was restricted, the school buses were running a shuttle service, and Main Street was packed from end to end. We went down with our own mob to explore on Sunday afternoon, browsing the stalls, listening to the music, showing visitors around the town, and letting the kids blow off steam on the playground. Much to my chagrin, we first-time visitors managed to miss the entire food section, which was tucked away off Main Street and not very well signposted, so my insatiable appetite for all things apple was not at all appeased by the one thing I was able to find: a slice of pie which, upon sampling, turned out to have been made with canned filling. So disappointing.

Oh well. I’ve consoled myself with making a note in next year’s calendar. And trawling the archives to continue the applefest at home.

apple pie

apple & cranberry handpies

applesauce/butter (don’t forget that blackberries make a delicious addition)

apple butter tartlets

blackberry-applesauce cake

sauteed apples with pancakes

What’s your favorite way to show off fall’s most delicious and iconic fruit?


dana said... Best Blogger Tips

we're having a few sunny days this week, possibly the last ones, and i really hope we'll make it to the orchard to pick. the apple butter post made me smile with recognition :)! this time i'll take the time to peel and core!! (i'll freeze those to make pectin like celia does). i used to love apple compote when i was a kid, it's been ages since i had any. my grandma would stew apples and quince together with a bit of cider, cinnamon and cloves and then put it jars for the winter, delicious!

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

Dana, I'm intrigued by the idea of making my own pectin, but I must confess that, reunited with my food mill, I continue to throw everything in the slow cooker. Your grandmother's compote sounds wonderful--no sign of quinces around here yet but I'm keeping an eye out!

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