Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s already Thanksgiving here. Of course, it’s also a normal working day in Australia, not a holiday, which detracts from the festive atmosphere. On top of that, DP is away, attending meetings in the UK, so Thanksgiving dinner will be for two this year—Miss B and me. Under these circumstances, it would be easy to get homesick, mopey and maudlin, but that would be to miss the point of Thanksgiving. So instead, I did this:

Thanksgiving Gratitude List 2008
1. Miss B: Funny, imaginative, strong-willed and inquisitive. I am so grateful to have her here with me, thriving and happy.
1. DP: Who has the courage to follow his dreams and act on his beliefs, and who challenges and supports me to do the same. Wish you were here.
3. My family: I miss you, especially on a day like today, but I’m glad to have you, no matter how far apart we are.
4. My friends: I have the greatest, smartest, most fun friends in the world. You know who you are.
5. Health: The greatest gift there is. With good health, everything is possible.
6. Employment: I am grateful not just to have a job, but also a job that interests me, and that allows me to work from home and to make a positive contribution to society.
7. Food: All around the world, people are worried every day about putting food on the table. I am very grateful to have so much good food in my kitchen that I don't have room for it all.
8. Opportunity: I know I have won the lottery simply by being born when and where I was. I am grateful for having the chance to get an education, choose what I want to do for work, live in safety, get quality medical care, and say what I think freely.
9. The internet: For allowing me to telecommute from halfway around the world, and keep in touch with people far away—not to mention hours and hours of entertainment and more recipes than I’ll ever be able to cook!
10. Everyone who reads this: Thanks for your interest in this blog, I appreciate it!

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! Now I’m off to make a paper bag turkey.


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