Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tasty links

I've been back from Singapore for 10 days. Since then I've had the jet lag, the obligatory airplane cold, the last term of preschool activities switch into high gear, another quarterly deadline looming, and DP planning another overseas trip (as of today, he knows when he's leaving, but not how many countries he's going to, or for how long).

So I haven't been doing many ambitious cooking projects. But I have been stealing time to keep up with the ridiculous number of food blogs that I follow, and to make use of some of their brilliant ideas. It's my favorite form of procrastination--speaking as a connoisseur of procrastination.

Here are a few recent goodies to help get you through whatever kind of day you're having:

Breakfast sandwiches: courtesy of Chaos in the Kitchen. Assembly-line breakfast cooking that puts its fast-food counterparts to shame. As Katie says, "if you are going to make one, you might as well make a dozen." I only made a half-dozen, because my freezer is small and already crammed full. I ate one immediately after assembling--just to make sure they were good, you understand. They were, and it's comforting to know that I've got a no-brainer breakfast ready and waiting for those days when I can't even manage to dig out the yogurt.

Ten-minute tartiflette (see picture): I'm always looking for new ways to use up leftovers, and this suggestion, from Just Cook It, is my new favorite way of using up any kind of leftover potatoes. And a perfect hearty lunch for the chilly spring Canberra is having.

Cheesy croutons: I'm just now getting around to exploring Mark Bittman's list of 101 Simple Salads, but I've already lost count of how many times I've used #44, which essentially says to make a grilled cheese sandwich, let it cool, cut it into croutons, and put it on salad. (I've been using mine for soup—see "chilly Canberra spring", above.) He ends it with, "This you will do forever." Yes I will.

Herby chicken: I got the idea for this one from A Year of Slow Cooking's Lemon and Herb CrockPot Roasted Chicken, where you cover the chicken with lemon and herbs and roast it in the slow cooker (surprise!). Except mine ended up being a puree of olive oil, garlic, rosemary and lime juice, which I stuffed under the skin of some chicken breasts. And then cooked in the oven. Oops. But I never would have thought of it if it hadn't been for this recipe.

Chocolate pots: aka Delicious Baked Fudge, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks! I've made several different versions of this, but this one is fast, easy, didn't require a special shopping trip, and was, indeed, absolutely delicious.


SarahKate said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder if it is even possible to NOT get a cold after a long flight. I can never avoid it. That slow cooker lemon and herb chicken sounds like it might cure anything, though!

Lele said... Best Blogger Tips

Those Bittman lists are ridiculously awesome. I think summer express is my favorite!

KJ said... Best Blogger Tips

Never log onto RL when you're starving. I made and scoffed down two of the breakfast sangies from Chaos in the Kitchen. This was yesterday am before 5. And no, it wasn't Ambien eating.) Tasty. Thanks!

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

SarahKate - I can't either, although my sister swears by Airborne. This cold might drive me to try it! The chicken was a much tastier alternative.

Lele - I'll have to look for that one...unless you have a link you'd like to share...:)

KJ - You're welcome! They're pretty damn good reheated too, if there are any left to freeze!

Celia said... Best Blogger Tips

Darn. Now I want a bacon and egg muffin too.. :)

Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

Celia - totally worth the 30 minutes of effort involved! Plus the work you put into making them earns you the right to eat a second breakfast.

Celia said... Best Blogger Tips

Or, as my kids call it, a "hobbit breakfast" :)

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