Monday, February 16, 2009

Road trip

We haven’t gotten around to buying a car yet, because a) we’re lazy and b) our garage door is jammed shut and until we figure out how to get it open, we have no place to put a car anyway.

It’s not really a pressing need yet; DP’s work, Miss B’s school, and the city center are all within walking distance, so anything we need on a daily basis, we can get on foot. There’s also a decent city bus service in the event we want to go further afield. We never owned a car during our two stints in the UK, so this is more normal than not for us.

Among the things that are within walking distance is a car-rental office, so we’ve been renting a car once a month or so, and using it for whatever we might need a car for. This weekend we had a Sunday evening dinner invitation in a suburb about 11k from us, so we rented a car for the weekend and did a few other things too. We didn’t have much planned for Saturday, so we decided to take a road trip to nowhere.

One of the favorable things I’ve discovered about Australia is that you generally don’t have to resort to fast-food chains when you’re on a road trip. We’ve taken several now, and more than once have picked a random town off the map to stop at lunchtime. Every time, we’ve found a nice café or restaurant with decent, if not downright delicious, fresh food made on the premises and reasonably priced. On Saturday, we ended up in Boorawa, which seemed to be having a sleepy Saturday; but even so, we noticed that the bakery café was doing a brisk business and wandered in. We ordered sandwiches—nothing fancy: ham & cheese for DP; chicken for me (I had packed a lunch for Miss B)—a plate of chips (which turned out to be HUGE), and a drink. The whole thing cost us about AUD$12.00 (USD$8.00/GBP5.50). Probably cheaper than a trip to the Golden Arches, now that I think about it.

Plus, we made a new friend—see picture.


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