Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy holidays

Well, I didn't mean to go completely silent as soon as I hit terra firma in Boston, but that's essentially what happened. I guess that's the unintended consequence of volunteering to cook Christmas dinner for 12 people four days after completing a 10,000-mile trek. Not to mention all the Christmas stuff that couldn't be completed from overseas, like putting US stamps on 50 cards, buying and decorating a tree, helping my mother make the dough for the Christmas doughnuts, brining the turkey...and best (and most unexpected) of all, having a snowball fight on the Boston Common with DP and Miss B at sunset on Christmas Eve.

But it's all done now: the only things left to do are sit back and enjoy the lights and the gifts, and figure out creative things to do with the leftovers. I hope that you have had wonderful holidays, filled with good food, good cheer, and good company.


Celia said... Best Blogger Tips

Lemon, so glad to hear you made it safely to Boston! Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous white Christmas!

Best wishes for 2010 from Sydney,


Roving Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Celia! Hard to imagine it being hot summer where you are--bundled up to the ears but enjoying it nonetheless!

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